The Arc Roof

The Arc Roof is an eye-catcher and provides a huge range of possibilities.

The system can be delivered with or without a platform, constructed with either Layher or standard podiums.

If you want to use the Arc roof for your next concert or festival, you can choose between the 8x6 with 48 sqm and the 10x8 with 80 sqm. As an option you can add side mix areas for the monitor console(s) and backstage. Furthermore optional PA wings stage left and right are available for small and mid-sized line arrays that can be hung from the cantilever (e.g. Nexo GEOS8/12, D&B Q, etc.).

The Arc Roof can also be used without a platform as a ‘simple’ roof system. Feel free to cover your welcome area, exhibition spaces, VIP/Lounge, etc. The system can also be multiplied and cover larger spaces.

Technical specifications:

ARC 8x6:
Truss: Prolyte H30V
Platform measurements: 8m x 6m
System measurements: 9,14m x 6,42m
Loading capacity: 2.400 kg
Max. windforce: 28,4m/s
ARC 10x8
Truss: Prolyte H30V
Platform measurements: 10m x 8m
System measurements: 11,14m x 8,42m
Loading capacity: 2.600 kg
Max. windforce 28,4m/s