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Online press conferences & product releases


Trade-show canceled ?

Event canceled ?

You still want to present your new products to your customers ?

We will help you to reschedule your project and produce your presentation that can be streamed live or recorded to be broadcasted on your social media or web page.


Two well chosen examples of german colleagues explain how flexible one can react : 

Mercedes rescheduled the planned Geneva Motor Show press event to their studio in Stuttgart and named the new event "Digital Mercedes-Benz Press Conference".


After the canceled Geneva Motor Show, Porsche quickly changed their plans and streamed the presentation of their new car from a temporarily build studio at their factory.


Recorded Presentations



Video filming and animated explainer videos

Within CODEXdigital our video production department offers advice and support for perfectly tailored communication solutions : from classic video production services like corporate films or product videos to animated explainer videos and content strategy.

We will find the right implementation for your projects and support you in planning, production and distribution.

Corporate film

A must have for modern companies. No other medium shows so well what a brand stands for, what values it represents and what kind of people work for them.

But what should your film look like? And who should produce it for you? You can stop looking around : CODEXdigital is the answer to all your worries.


Product videos

Specialy in quarantine and pandemic times we are currently living in, events are not really available to launch your new products. Digital is king : present your product in a video and even combine it with a live streaming.
Your customers won’t have to come to you, you will bring the event, the presentation to them.
Furthemore this is a nice way to explain your products in a video which avoids for your customers to read long descriptions or miss important informations.

Animated Explainer Videos

The best is a self explaining video : we use motion design to create the nicest and best explainer videos. We will tell your audience exactly what makes your company, your products, your services unique and special.

Our team in CODEXdigital will accept the challenge to produce a video that fits your needs and budget: listening to your wishes, individual consulting and brainstorming are in the beginning of each project. Together with you, CODEXdigital will find out how your tailor-made video film should be.

Animated Video Example
Round Tables & Plenaries



Round tables & plenaries


During pandemic times, we are currently living in, it is difficult to organize round tables and plenaries, to bring people together, especially when they have to travel from their country to your place.

CODEXdigital is ready to help you keep social distancing during these events: using the latest communication technologies we are able to make it happen.

The attendees that will join the event physically will be taken care in the best and safest possible way: fever screening at the entrance, painstakingly managed guest and check in listings, social distancing at all time and protection during the meeting (e.g. individual boxes or separations with transparent frames, etc.).

Nowadays you do not have to be physically present to be a part of a meeting, reunion, round table or plenary.

Each participant can be streamed on a private channel to the event and be able to follow the speeches, interact by making their own presentation and participating in a vote.

International gatherings can be equipped with a streamed simultaneous translation.

So do not lose your courage to organize an event, we at CODEXdigital will support you as best as possible with our advanced and timely solutions.

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