Focus on eco-responsible event

In a world where the environmental factor is becoming more and more important, our mission is to invest in technologies that are both more qualitative but also more sustainable.

We do that in our own way: without fancy certificates, carbon footprint calculators and carbon offset payments, but with a great deal of sincerity, the will to bring about change and ideas which will have an impact on the event sector.

Our action points:
  • Be eco-friendly but without sacrificing atmosphere or emotional brand impact.
  • Offer our customers to store their customized products (e.g.: stands) for reuse.
  • Internal organisation to avoid unnecessary transport // investment in a new fleet for 2020.
  • Internal recycling chains.
  • we pay attention to durability, locally manufactured products and ecological certifications when investing in new equipment.
  • We try to promote the execution of events in an eco-friendly and socially responsible manner.

Green Marketing

We develop and advertise our products in an environmentally sustainable way.

In order to preserve our resources and promote the transition to a circular economy, we focus on Digital Advertising to avoid paper printing as much as possible.
If it is absolutely necessary, our paper prints are made with 100% recycled paper from certified forests.





Aluminium frames


For several years, we have opted for the solution of aluminium frames Aluvision for the construction of our various stands and partitions. With these reusable frameworks, we reduce both economic and ecological factors.

battery Spots


Our battery spotlights allow you to save on electricity consumption at your event. Thanks to their compact format, these new spots facilitate transport and reduces transport costs.


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We conceive and implement technical solutions for your public and private events and fair stands. We rent, sell, and install audiovisual and multimedia equipment, intelligent lighting and superior sound, stagesystems and rigging equipment.
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