To create dynamic, far-reaching events, it is now impossible not to resort to bombastic, imposing image that helps liven up any kind of gathering. Almost inseparable from large-scale events, and even by now more intimate or private events, the image helps convey its message through emotions and sensations that only being present in the heart of action can make the whole targeted audience feel.

As a result, CODEX follows this line of wideness and dynamism to guide you in the installation of LED screens, giant or not, as a token of absolute, in-depth customisation. This new, fast-growing sector is based on a particularly extensive and almost endless field of possibilities.

To assist us, our specialists have been chosen for their ability to wield the ingenuity and the flexible creativity of those new conveyors of communication. We can then provide our clients with a full renting service that includes the stages of study, installation and final check during your events, and which guarantees a resounding, unforgettable impact for your projects.

Equipped with the latest display technologies, the screens we offer to combine with your projects give them a whole new dimension. And this unrestrained dimension will be born from your teams and ours, who will collaborate to make the most of the potential of those new generation screens, which are based on a creative concept and can be designed in almost all the imaginable dimensions.
Innovative Technology
Trained Staff
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We have two different types of mobile LED screens available to best suit your project:

  • LED truck 6,4 x 3,6m
  • LED trailer 5,2 x 3,072m


  • High Resolution Mobile LED Screens
  • Install & Setup your big TV screen in as little as 30-60 mins
  • On board control systems
  • Fully brandable big screen units for maximum exposure
  • Help and advice with your content and videos
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We conceive and implement technical solutions for your public and private events and fair stands. We rent, sell, and install audiovisual and multimedia equipment, intelligent lighting and superior sound, stagesystems and rigging equipment.
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