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 Live Stream Video Services

Codex provides affordable high quality live videography services. We have qualified live videographers that will ensure your event is filmed with the highest quality live stream video service.

Codex offers companies the opportunity to spread their experience further, giving their current and future clients a much-needed real-time insight into what’s happening at an event at any given time.


Live Conference Services

As a live stream conference provider we know the importance of making sure the live production will run as smooth and efficient as possible. We achieve this by using the latest high definition camera equipment, directly into our streaming hardware to produce a live conference production.

The live production can then be viewed by your employee or colleagues on any device, be it phone tablet or computer.

Facebook // YouTube Live Services

Facebook // YouTube Livestreaming allows you to broadcast live through viewers feed by interacting and engaging with people on a personal level, by speaking directly to them and answering live comments they might share with you. You already have a captive audience, as the viewers have already ‘liked’ your page. This allows you to use Facebook // YouTube livestreaming as a way to engage with your audience and hopefully like and share your Facebook // YouTube livestream to increase your reach and audience.

One of the advantages of using Codex for Facebook Live streaming is that your event can be viewed on any device and is optimised for mobile devices as well as desktop computers.

Webcasting Services

Corporate Webcasts are a great way to involve greater extensions of your business to be involved in events in different branches or cities. It allows your entire organization to view an important meeting or event in real time, with the ability to provide feedback, comments and questions live.

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our specialty: Live Streaming of conferences

 Live streaming of conferences

If you are hosting a conference, do you know one of the best things you can do for your attendees is to live stream the event?

Why? Because for the attendees that couldn’t make the conference, they’ll be able to watch the event in real-time, as if they were there. When selling conference tickets, this is a huge bonus for businesses, because rather than incurring the costs of flying a number of employees to the event, they’ll know they can instead send a few staff members and get the rest to watch the live stream, reaching a larger audience.

Live streaming your conference could also cut down on costs too, as the conference size can be reduced meaning you can rent a smaller space and reduce the number of people who need to be catered for.


We know that in the business world, information is key. This is why we have multiple options for live stream conferences, such as the opportunity to use multiple cameras to film from different angles.

We also can place the presenter or speaker’s name and company logo on to the screen.

And if the audience watching the live stream has any questions, they can type them through our live online chat system, and we can feed these questions back to the presenter – just like a Q&A session with a live audience!

Plus, through our technology, the audience can watch the stream through any device, no matter whether it is a phone, tablet or computer – giving users the power of choice.

We regularly do live conferences, but it is also possible to produce live streaming of internal communication, training or video conferences. Let's talk about your project!


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