As long-time professionals and armed with our experience, we are well-versed in implementing whatever it takes so each and every event runs smoothly: as a result, we have built our reputation upon both our competency and unfailing safety.

As a priority factor in our internal management, we have made safety one of our top strengths. On every project we undertake and from all the players who participate in it, we order and demand that a thorough check be performed and that extensive safety guidelines be strictly followed.
In this respect, our teams are exclusively composed with seasoned and certified professionals.

All have been comprehensively trained and regularly follow a variety of courses so they strictly implement safety rules all the while as they remain up to date with newly applicable standards.

With both adequate experience and training, our every partner is an actual expert whose competency is tested on a daily basis, whatever the scope of intervention.

Whether it consists in working high up, ordering a machine, or having exhaustive knowledge of the equipments and their respective settings, every player's well-founded skills guarantee trouble-free installations and allow us to fully focus on the essential: satisfying our clients.



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We conceive and implement technical solutions for your public and private events and fair stands. We rent, sell, and install audiovisual and multimedia equipment, intelligent lighting and superior sound, stagesystems and rigging equipment.
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