If CODEX is now one of the largest players on the market, it is precisely thanks to the internationally-acclaimed professionals revolving around and who are pivotal in the detailed study and completion of a project.

Sophisticating a perfectly-adjusted smart lighting system or toning down shaded beams, we design and control lights and effects in order to stage your wildest projects. Moving light, changing colours, synchronisation… we use an entire array of impressive and interesting resources to create the subtlety of scenes that will reach the heart of your audience.

Conceiving lighting involves to fully understand your expectations and to combine them with the surroundings. Whether extravagant or intimate, every project receives all our attention and goes through a meticulous study of its interplay of lights.

Our team of specialists takes the pledge to carry your project from meandering dreams to the real world by bringing it to life under the astounded eyes of a captivated audience.
Codex has earned its spurs with years of experience, and we guarantee the tailored management of your project, from its accurate design and anticipation to a clean installation. Preparation, supervision, logistics, or planning the power supply, not a single point is left aside.

Light is the hallmark of your event, that of a unique event that transcends emotions and sensations.



As the fruit of our years of practice and the quality equipment we have at our disposal, CODEX's skills are up to your ambitions.

With the advent of technologies that constantly enhance already long-proven systems, we make sure our catalogue is kept up to date so it always exactly matches ever-demanding demands.
Beside the expertise of our technicians, our clients have at their disposal all an array of material resources, which allows us to both exalt the vocal nuances of an intimate event, and to bring crystal-clear notes to a symphonic performance.

For short events, multiple-day festivals or on tour, CODEX commits itself to guide you all the way.

Run to perfection by techniciens whose daily creed is to make sound a flawless component, your projects are analysed until the ideal approach to polish the result is found. Covering customised study and recommendations and a meticulous set-up, our commitment also includes the coordination, organisation and simulation necessary to the unique design that your event requires.

Whether the stage is set in or outdoors, CODEX has proven for many years its abilities to adapt to all layouts.

There is no challenge that can't be overcome, only your dreams to exalt.



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We conceive and implement technical solutions for your public and private events and fair stands. We rent, sell, and install audiovisual and multimedia equipment, intelligent lighting and superior sound, stagesystems and rigging equipment.
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