It was in 2004 that we acquired our first roof system, a 12x10-m, Prolyte MPT-type system.

Before its resounding success and the acclaim of our clients, it has quickly become the top equipment on an ever-growing list. Since we were aware from the beginning of the importance of providing a wide range, and with much recourse to regular investments, we are now in a position to provide more than 15 roofs, making Codex one of the main references in terms of outdoors staging.

Small or large, private or public, every programme is unique, and the flexibility of our range enables us to easily find the ideal answer to your expectations.

If you have a project in mind, no matter how well-defined it may be, the solution can be found in Codex's range. Our reputation was built upon those possibilities among other things, and trust also requires a wide array of supply.





  • 6m x 4,95m

  • Clearance 3,55m (front)

  • Roof capacity 670kg

  • Platform can be build on 2 different levels Podium height 0,95 - 1,25m

  • 2 technicians , 1 hour

Mobile XXL




  • 10m x 6,1m

  • Clearance 4,60m

  • Roof capacity 1050kg

  • 2 technicians , 1 hour

Arc Roof




  • 8m x 6m

  • Clearance depends on configuration

  • Roof capacity 2441kg

  • Staging : standard stage podiums or Layher scaffolding

  • 4 technicians , 3 hours



From classical performances to electro concerts, by way of ambitious festivals or those of lesser scale, each stage offers a different potential to cover every event in the best of ways.

Projects are meticulously studied to assess their feasibility and to determine the logistics to put into place, and we guide our clients towards the suitable solution.

Thanks to its attractive choice, wide scalability and planning / implementing expertise, Codex's goal of being able to answer any situation has made its strength of today.

What stage is made for my event?

Event size Stage size Loading capacity Max windforce System
MIX Small 24m² 750kg 20 m/s Build
Arc Roof Small & Mid-sized 48m² to 80m² 2.400 to 2.600kg 28,4 m/s Build
MPT Roof Mid-sized 120m² 6.600kg 28,4 m/s Build
Tunnel Roof Large-sized 224m² 12.000 to 16.000kg 28,4 m/s Build
Smartstage30 Small-sized 29,7m² 670kg 28,4 m/s Mobile trailer
Smartstage120 Mid-sized 84m² to 108m² 13.000kg 28,4 m/s Mobile trailer
Mobile XXL Small & Mid-sized 60m² 1.050kg 28,4 m/s Mobile trailer
Smartstage180 Large-sized 180m² 12.000kg 28,4 m/s Mobile trailer


Attentive to the submitted demands and to ever-changing trends, CODEX stands on all fronts, and among its strengths is the ability to adapt to any kind of configuration.

Whether you prefer traditional or innovative materials, we strive to stay every day on the cutting edge of trends so as to build dream-like supports for the events you commission us to coordinate.

Through their event, every client has a story to tell. Whether it consists in a large-scale concert, in a professional seminar, or in an exclusive unveiling, there is no project like any other.

Having come to this conclusion, CODEX has quickly understood that in order to provide a comprehensive range, it required a vast selection of platforms that can be adapted to the multitude of situations.

Available in indoor and outdoor versions, we store Sixty 82 and Layher EV Systems, whose extreme modularity allows our clients to select the shape of their choice, from the regular squares and rectangles to the more fanciful circle and triangle-shaped surfaces.

Although optional but often proving useful to finalise your spaces, several high-quality surfacing solutions are available, such as carpets and wood, or even the vinyls that will turn your platform into an extravagant dance-floor.

To become and remain a prominent player on the market, CODEX also counts on the latest innovations. When a client dreams of a stage floor animated with lights and showing videos, it is between the hands of our experts that sanded plexiglas modules start coming alive. With 750 kg of maximum load for each 1x1-m slab, your creativity is unleashed.


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