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Willing to bring the best to its clients on a daily basis, CODEX makes sure to stand on the cutting edge of innovations and current momentum to make every project it is entrusted with a unique and resounding success.

A perfect combination of computer power and human feelings, the "Codex Photobox" was born from those new trends and the unique opportunities for gathering that it offers.
For private meetings or public shows, this innovative and unifying concept will make all your events a peculiar intimate experience: every partaker will be able to keep an unforgettable, even touching memory as a reminder of the intense moments they have lived through.

Available for rent, our "Photobox" will offer your guests unparalleled functionalities, whose easy use preserves its friendly, funny character. As the new entertaining star of successful nights and meetings, our interactive kiosk will find its stead as a crack tool for the success of your projects.
Always willing to make your event a unique show, our "Photobox" casing has similarly been tailor-made. Besides its sturdiness and compaction, its lightness and its elegant aluminium allow it to seamlessly merge in all your settings and to only focus on its playful functioning.

CODEX's strength is to never overlook any element and to guarantee the highest-quality systems to assure you the best quality of service. Quite naturally, our photo booth abides to the guidelines we impose ourselves.

Thanks to its simplified interface, it is easy to use: around its built-in touchscreen and its external HDMI and USB ports, it comes with a photo booth feel and studio flash.

Your guests will soon be charmed by the possibilities to embed in green screen for a perfect, instant dramatisation of their selfies and to share directly on social media or via email.

An event is successful when its audience is captivated and its guests fulfilled.

For a reminding snapshot of an unforgettable professional meeting or to take freaky pictures of a surreal wedding, the "Codex Photobox" is a token of guaranteed success.


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We conceive and implement technical solutions for your public and private events and fair stands. We rent, sell, and install audiovisual and multimedia equipment, intelligent lighting and superior sound, stagesystems and rigging equipment.
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